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We Offer Comprehensive Eye Exams

We offer a variety of eye exams, and we also look at the outer structure of your eye for defects or related conditions and give you a general review of your eye systems. We will look at the effects of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health-related history in regards to your overall eye health. You may want Lasik™ surgery, and we provide a pre-operative examination, as well as post-operative care, and our surgery is done in TLC (The Laser Center, which is part of a National Network) in Lewisville, Texas.

Our Comprehensive Eye Exams Include:

  • Optical Examination—To determine the power of the glasses or contacts you need.
  • Prescription Vision Check
  • Eye Health Examination—We dilate the eyes and look at the structure, blood vessels, and optic nerves on the inside.
Eye Exam

Contact us or visit our Rockwall, Texas, optometrist for eye exams or to purchase your contact lenses.